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Tuesday, October 25, 2005



Its a petition!! Please sign it, I already did. Here's what it says.
Dear Whom It May Concern, in this case WithdrawMiers.org,

Hi! Its "The Undersigned." Here's the basic message, PLEASE TAKE DOWN YOU'RE WEB SITE. WithdrawMiers.org.

Here are SOME of the reasons why:

> It is NOT NICE, which means you shouldn't say anything at all.
> Its a Waste of Space on the Internet--crowded enough already, esp w/ everyone having a Livejournal!
> Harriet Miers is the only nominee we've got, so "love the one your with." The Supreme Court can't exist if there aren't Justices on it. This is really two reasons.
> Hi, this is a personal message from Harriet, not the whole Undersigned. It would mean a lot to me personally if you took it down, like as a personal favor. I am not the type to promise to rule different for different people, but if you do the right thing please know I won't forget it.
> Okay its all of us again. Honestly we can't believe you even put it up!!! But its past history now, the important thing is the future, please withdraw it.

So those are the reasons... Thanx!!

Sincerely, The Undersigned
So there you go!! I hope "you" will join "we the undersigned" and tell you're friends, because remember... there's no way a petition can be OVERsigned!!!


PS As you can see, there's a logo on the right, but if you make a better one please send it to me and I'll use it for sure. Also FYI you can go to www.withdrawwithdrawmiers.org, it comes right here.


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