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Thursday, October 27, 2005


Dear Supporters.

This is obv a really hard day for me, I was super excited about being a Justice. I was looking at my very first blog post and it made me cry. But this day isn't about me. Its about all of us. And I have to say... Thank You.

Of course I have to start with a thank you to Hugh. Hugh Hewitt. Hugh your the best!! Here's what Hugh wrote today,
Ms. Miers deserves great thanks for her significant service to the country.
Same to you!! Your simply the greatest.

Thank you to everyone who writes comments on this blog, Mike Sparkle Judy Gyrobo Bob Liz Ah Patrick EVERYONE, you know who you are. You are my BFF, for real.

Thank you to Nicolle...its the Silver Lining that I get to stay in the WH and work with you again. Your the BEST!!

But Most Of All...

THANK YOU MR. PRESIDENT. I know this wasn't you're decision any more than it was mine...but guess what, we're going to STICK TOGETHER just like always!!

Its a pleasure to serve you sir, now and always.

I'll never forget being the Nominee, it was a learning experience at the very least.

Always remember. Follow you're heart.


PS to everyone who has written in saying I should do a Write-In Campaign, thanx, I don't want to rule anything out right now but its probably a No-Go. (If your a senator please email me, I need advice about this.)


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